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More success in communication and collaboration

It is certain that your success in communication and collaboration strongly depends on the way in wich you come across to others. How well do you know your communication? How do you think others see you, do you succeed in gaining and maintaining trust, can you influence that and if so how? You will recieve answers to these and other questions with KEEP4students.

Explanation about the program

You start the program with an online assessment. You can choose between a self-assessment or a 360° feedback. Your social style is determined by your communication style, your empathy and your flexibility. You also get access to the online application with which you can determine what the style of others is. And you will gain insight into your strengths and development points with advice and a digital reference book.

Communication style

Your communication style indicates how you come across to others, both verbally and non-verbally. It indicates how you communicate, but also what you place emphasis on.


Empathy is the extent to which you show understanding. How you show someone else that you understand his/her feelings and sympathize.


Flexibility is that you show the needs of others as equally important as your own needs. Also that you show willingness to be open to change.

Own results

You can always review your own results and all other information by logging in on this website.

Online application

You can quickly and efficiently determine the social style of someone else and you get advice on how to prepare or evaluate your conversation.


You can, depending on which type of assessment you choose, download documents with practical tips on applying for an internship/job, management and leadership, advising and sales or working in a team.

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